Update: “doin_thangs” Doesn’t Care About Benjamin Palmer


We’ve finally  gotten some clarification as to whether or not commenter doin_thangs cares about Barbarian Group co-founder Benjamin Palmer’s creative process. The verdict is in, and it’s looking like a big, fat “who cares.”

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 2.42.12 PMWhen the post went up yesterday, we all wondered whether doin_thangs, who is best known for his whopping 150 AgencySpy posts, would care. After a grueling 24 hour review process we’ve finally gotten official word that doin_thangs does NOT, in fact, care, and doesn’t think that you, me, or anyone else cares either.

He does, however, want you to know how MUCH he doesn’t care: enough to post about it nearly 24 hours later.