Commenter Bravely Defends Man’s Right To Get A Tattoo Of A Taco

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In a stunning show of solidarity with some Canadian guy named Tyler, commenter Shane Randall has boldly stepped forward to defend man’s right to get a tattoo of a taco in exchange for a lifetime supply of Doritos Locos Tacos from Taco Bell.

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Supporting the defenseless Canadian in the face of vicious comments such as “Wow, that guy must be really stupid” and “At first I didn’t believe anyone could be so dumb but he sounds like he had bumped his head pretty hard,” Shane Randall stepped forward to point out that it’s “no different than a guy with a maple leafs emblem,” although it’s not for him, but again that’s what he likes and he get paid for it.

In a stunning turn of rhetorical play, he also pointed out that leafs fans don’t get free tickets for life in exchange for getting a tattoo of the team’s logo.

“Way to go,” he added.

No word yet from Tyler, Taco Bell, or the Toronto Maple Leafs, but we consider this argument pretty much over.