Guy Posts Comment, Portfolio Schools Close Forever

How’s your week going? Okay? So-so? Kinda meh, but y’know, tomorrow’s Friday so whatever, things could be worse? You must not be in the ad school business, then, as commenter “The Old Man in the Mountain” has single-handedly taken down the portfolio school business model, dashing the hopes and dreams of hundreds of would-be creatives and burning millions of dollars in future ad school revenue in the process with a mere 34 words in the AgencySpy comments section.

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Posted in response to a student project that he wanted to criticize, the commenter offered up sage-like, almost ethereal words of wisdom for free that hundreds of future creatives would have paid tens of thousands of dollars to hear.

“This is really not good for us,” said Ron Seichrist, the now-ruined co-founder of Miami Ad School. “Luckily Pippa has her real estate license and I’m a registered notary public. So, y’know, we should be cool.”

“The Old Man In The Mountain? Fuck that guy,” said Norm Grey, Founder & ECD of Creative Circus. “Seriously,” he added. “Right in his fuckwad ass.”

No word yet from The Old Man In The Mountain or the Miami Ad School creatives in question, but we can only assume that this is the beginning of a long-lasting creative mentorship that will be professionally fulfilling for all parties involved for the foreseeable future.

Update: Turns out all you need is a print ad for toothpaste and a banner ad for spaghetti sauce.

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