Commenter Realizes That Ads Lie, Brain Explodes

Flibberty Jib
Flibberty Jib

In a stunningly violent moment of epiphany, commenter Flibberty Jib’s brain exploded in the AgencySpy comments section today when he noticed that a branded communication contained something that was factually incorrect.

The commercial (or should we say “lie”) in question was this spot for Interstate Batteries by Dallas agency Firehouse. In it, we see a long-abandoned 1949 Studebacker Champion Starlight Coupe covered in weeds and vines. Although the car is overrun with vegetation its battery is still going strong, as evidenced by the song blasting from the radio. The commenter realized that no battery could possibly last that long, even one with a tagline like “Outrageously Dependable,” and “therefore, the commercial is a lie.”

He also called it “BS.”

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His brains were scattered throughout the comments section, leaving contributor Erik Oster to clean up the mess and AgencySpy to deal with a potential PR nightmare.

No word yet on who will be held responsible or what impact this could have on the industry, but it raises the concern that there might be other commercials that are lies out there, which could potentially cause more brains to explode in the future.

Flibberty Jib is survived by his wife, Flimminie Jib, and his two loving children, Timmity Jib and Jimmity Jib.

Jibbity flibbity.