Commenter Blows Whistle On Mars Inc. Peanut Scandal

Arrangement of Roasted Peanuts, In Shell, Background

Well, how’s this for a Friday morning stir? In one of his in-depth and unprompted advertising critiques, commenter CD Villneuve shocked the AgencySpy comment section yesterday, when he blew the lid off of some potential misdoings at the world’s largest confectionery company.

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 11.54.21 AM

The brazen comment sparked a knee-jerk reaction on Wall Street, where the nougat-filled candy bar’s stock continues to plummet. Things also took a turn for the worse in the original comment thread, leading CD Villneuve to criticize the sex life of a commenter he doesn’t actually know IRL.


UPDATE: Immediately after breaking the Mars case wide open, CD Villneuve changed his username to P.I. Villneuve, which we at CommentSpy believe is well deserved. Good detective work, sir.

  • SoldMyMarsStock

    CommentSpy beats the mainstream media once again! 99 rejected peanuts in MY snickers bar? That’s gross as hell.