Commenter Spends More Time Thinking About Spot Than Creatives Did

We’re shaking off our our Super Bowl food comas to report on this late-breaking Monday gem: A commenter has now spent more time thinking and writing about a spot than the creatives who made it did.

The spot in question, a PSA featuring kids getting blown up on a beach for skipping school, was, according to co-creators Henry Inglis and Aaron McCann, “about contradicting standard advertisements” and “… a bit of a f*ck you to advertising in general.” But that didn’t stop Disqus user “shunga munga” from spending upwards of 4 minutes dissecting the spot in the AgencySpy comments section, a solid 2 minutes longer than the creators of the spot actually spent thinking about it themselves.

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 3.53.26 PM

“I was just like ‘Hey, wait a second. Where did those land mines come from?,” shunga munga said. “Then I started thinking about clams and sharks and figured I’d write a sentence about that, too.”

“Then I hit submit,” he added. “It was pretty cool.”

Inglis and McCann were unavailable for comment as they are busy working on their next PSA where a group of middle aged office employees don’t do their timesheets and are subsequently torn apart by wild dogs.