Ray Croc Can’t Believe His Own Company Is An Olympic Sponsor


In a rare celebrity appearance, McDonald’s founder Ray Croc swung by the AgencySpy comments section to express both surprise and confusion that his company was allowed to sponsor this year’s Olympic Games.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 6.36.05 PM

Perhaps forgetting that his company, McDonald’s, has been a sponsor of the Olympic Games for over 35 years, Croc hammered his point home in all caps, calling his own company a “FAST FOOD TYCOON” and saying that he can’t believe they’re being allowed to be a “SPONSOR OF WORLD-CLASS ATHLETIC EVENT [sic].”

The comment was posted in response to a spot by DDB Chicago that compares the tradition of Olympians biting their medals to regular people biting Chicken McNuggets.

You may remember Croc from being dead for the last 30 years.