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Creative Recruiter Hates Graffiti

A creative recruiter who hires junior creatives has taken to the comments section to let everyone know that he hates graffiti, particularly if it’s not cool or artistic.
Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 11.11.18 AM
Posted in response to a project created by two students who are most likely not yet dead inside, the creative recruiter, “Mack Cornfield,” hates graffiti so much that he will do everything in his power to blacklist the students from the entire industry.

You may remember Mack Cornfield from that time he kicked a baby. He also did this.


Commenter Doesn’t Like Anthropomorphic Food

The tip line has been blowing up about this one all morning and we’ve just now confirmed the rumors: Commenter “Vienna Sausage” does not like animated food.
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Posted in response to this M&M’s spot from BBDO, Vienna Sausage explained that his distaste for anthropomorphic food items includes raisins, beef jerky and the entire candy category, particularly if they walk or are sassy. No word yet on hamburgers, pizza, sandwiches, or non-walking, non-sassy food items, but we can assume those are probably a no-go as well.

In response to the comment, BBDO is expected to introduce a new M&M character who is in a coma.

“Blah” Breaks Silence, Calls PS4 Spot “A Soft Turd”

It’s been a quiet day here at CommentSpy,  so needless to say it was an unexpected and delightful surprise to hear that commenter “Blah,” after all these years, was finally sufficiently inspired by a piece of branded communication to comment on it in the AgencySpy comment section. Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 5.13.02 PMThe spot in question, BBH NY’s “Perfect Day” for PS4, has received around 14.6 million views to date. As of press time the comment had received two upvotes.